Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well there I was 16th December 2008 at the Victoria Stadium at kick off time. I must have been the only Wrexham fan there though because of the vagaries of the Cheshire Police we were not allowed to play Northwich yet strangely York City were at only 3 (THREE) days notice. I guess it's academic in the end as FA Trophy replays would take precedence and even if our constabulary friends had allowed the clubs to rearrange for 16th December it would have been postponed due to Northwich v York in the trophy.

As to the match it was pretty dire fayre in front of 393 hardy souls (no wonder Vics as a club is dying on it's feet) in torrential rain. Ingham and Foyle v Crowell and despite Matty being Vics best player the Yorkie boys came out on top and sent Northwich crashing out and looking like certain relegation fodder unless Steve King can work a miracle.


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