Friday, November 28, 2008

Well as someone once said "You can't win anything with kids". "Saunders' Saplings" set out tomorrow at Stevenage to prove Mr.Hansen wrong once again as we could potentially have 9 players under the age of 21 in the starting line up. Allowing for the fact that the 6 loan players (although only 5 can be in the squad) plus Baynes, Mike and Marc Williams and Neil Taylor are still under that age. Only the dinosaur that is Gavin Ward and father figure Ashley Westwood are likely to start tomorrow as Saunders continues his quest, promised after the Eastwood defeat, to bring talent to the club. An interesting point to note is that four of the loan players were born in the month of October; Tslakis, Woolfe, Fairhurst and Williamson. Does success as a professional footballer improve if born under the sign of Libra? Let's hope so for the next month or so anyway!

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